Why Happy Tails Bali?

Have you ever worried about your pets while away? Worry no more.

Happy Tails Bali is here to provide a top quality care standard for your animals. So when you book with us, you can be confident your pet is in safe hands. All at home, where the pet is most comfortable.

Avoid Disease, Ticks and Fleas
As your pets are at home, they won't get problems that can be associated with mass pet boarding kennels. So you don't have to worry about kennel cough, contagious skin problems or ticks and fleas.
Pet Sitting at Home
Unlike boarding kennels, we care for your pet in the comfort of your own home. That means there's less stress for you pet and you.
Forget about Transport Hassle
There's no need to go to the hassle of driving your pets to a boarding kennel. All our care is given at home. So no need to worry about pick ups or the stress transportation can cause to your pets.
Daily Updates and Photographs
Want to see how your pets are doing? Simple! We log every single pet sitting activity into an update for you. Feel free to choose how often you'd like your updates, including feed time, photos and more.
Reduce Stress to your Pet
Dropping your pet in kennels can cause all sorts of stress to you pet. There's several other animals competing in new territory for a start. Add in confusion of the new environment and things can get stressful. Our home pet sitting service in Bali means your pet stays where they belong...at home.
Worried about Feeding Time?
Rather not change your pet's diet? No worries. We will feed your pet exactly what they are used to. Just let us know their meal of choice.*
*please ensure you leave ample food. Alternatively, we can include food in your final bill.
We don't use Cages
Our space is your space! As we care for your pet at home, they will have all the normal freedoms they enjoy every day with you. We won't board your pet in a cage or limited space.
We'll Help with Special Needs
Does your pet have special needs? Do they require a specific food or medication? As we care for pets one by one, we are able to care for your pet based on their individual needs.
We're Animal Lovers

The reason we started up was to help give a professional care standard to the animals we love. We know the best way to care for our pets is by keeping their routines like normal and minimising stress. So get in touch and find out why we're fast becoming the place to go for pet sitting and pet boarding in Bali.