Our rates are flexibly designed your individual to your needs

We've designed our rates especially to fit your needs. Our basic rates are for our quality care standard that ensure your pets are well looked after. For those who want to give their pets something extra, you can also add on other services designed specifically for you. contact us to get a full quote.

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Our Prices

Our rates are based on our quality care standard. Each price range includes the same top quality level of care. You can book this standard or if you require extra services please let us know. Prices below are for one pet, although additional pets can be added on for 20,000 IDR per day extra.

What's included in our quality care standard?

With every booking, we apply our top quality care standard. What does that mean? It's our guarantee that your pet will receive the following.

One pet (others can be added)
Walks twice a day
Feeding twice a day
Daily updates available
Discount on future bookings
Updates sent via phone or email
Basic cleaning
Up to 90 minutes contact time per day
What's not included?

There are some aspects not included in our quality care standard. However, if you need any extra service, these can be added to your booking.

One pet per booking (each extra pet charged at 20,000 per pet)
Cost of food
Additional time (+90 minutes per day)
Complicated Medication
Advanced Cleaning
Other specific requirements outside of our top quality care standard